Challenges faced

Within just five days, the F1 cars have to be transported from one country in another continent to Sepang, Malaysia. Not withstanding the amount of delicate equipments, the team needs to bring the car in perfect condition to the next race. A very high level of reliability in the cargo freighter provider is absolutely necessary to ensure the team's car and equipment reaches the next country. The teams also require world-class efficiency in handling the cars. They prefer to get the cars straight to the circuit rather than storing it in the warehouse in ACC. Therefore the challenge is to complete all necessary unloading, customs and handling processes as soon as possible.

How MASkargo faced the challenges

The team's unique flight time needs were met with MASkargo's freighter planes. Ground teams were trained exclusively to handle the delicate cars and equipments. As speed is of the essence, we gave top priority to the cars and they were sent out of the ACC within an hour of arrival, truly an amazing record for us and the team. With the charter being planned in advance, we were able to handle all demands without fail. If you have cargo that require unique handling, maybe a chartered plane is your solution. Talk to us today!