Challenges faced

MASkargo's Advanced Cargo Centre handles more than 450,000 tonnes of cargo in 2002 and is optimistic to achieving 500,000 tonnes this year. With that high volume handled, we are more than capable of handling the specific needs of Nippon Express. They are a major customer of MASkargo and require fast handling. They export 50% of their shipment via MASkargo and require us to deliver the inbound cargo within 90 minutes of arrival, as opposed to the standard 4 hours.

How MASkargo faced the challenges

How did we do it? Here's how we speed up the process for Nippon Express:

  • Pre-alert on every airwaybill provided by Nippon to our duty manager prior to arrival of aircraft.
  • ULDs are identified and towed to the warehouse within 60 minutes.
  • A Supervisor is specifically assigned to coordinate the break-bulk of the shipments.
  • Every shipment is recorded and tracked throught each process to monitor service-level standards.
  • Review meetings are conducted forthnightly to improve.
  • A security coordinator is assigned to monitor the handling of sensitive cargo.

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