February 4, 2003 Mr Mohammad Salleh Tabrani Malaysia Airlines, Regional Manager North America Pacific Corporate Towers 100 N, Sepulveda Blvd. Suite 400 El Segundo, CA 90245, USA Dear Mr. Tabrani

RE: Your Employee, Mr Avtar Sigh, and our Experience

On Nov. 23, 2002 we lost our brilliant son at the age of 32 for cancer. Since he left his sperm, my wife was very much interested in finding a surrogate mother to bear his child in India. Now transporting the sperm in a container was the difficult job for us.

We contacted Singapore Airline, since my wife brother was traveling on it, and they flatly refused to allow the container in their plane. In desperation I called Malaysian Airline ticket office and they referred me to cargo section. There I heard the voice of an angel named Avtar. He listened to our history and the need to transport the sperm to India. He referred to rule books and called me back within an hour and told me that it is possible provided we follow the rules of FAA.

He fixed a letter with rules to the doctor's office and they send a compliance letter. Avtar informed Malaysian Air officials about the container and my wife's flight number etc. when we arrived on the 9th of January to the Airport, to our amaze, every one at your airline knows about our flight and the requirement. One of your airport officials by name Emil helped my wife all the way to the aircraft and spoke to the captain and got the container accompanied with my wife. My wife reached India safely with the specimen and transported into another hospital in Chennai for safekeeping.

Because she took the sperms with her they are still alive otherwise those sperm will be dead during transport. This is possible by the effort of one individual, Mr Avtar Sigh, of your cargo section. Because he listened to our plea and because of his knowledge of the FAA rules and regulations our dream came through. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to Mr. Avtar Sigh through your good office. Your airline has the BEST employees with most customer relation experience and that made me to fly in Malaysia Airline for rest of my life. I am also going to inform every one at work and all my friends to fly in Malaysian Air. It is all because of one individual, Mr. Avtar Sigh.

Thank you for having Mr. Sigh as your employee.

Engan V, Natarajan
30711 Mainmast Drive,
Agoura Hills,
CA 913301, USA