From : "Zugich, Alex" [email protected]
To : "Keesjan De Vries (E-mail)" [email protected]
Sent : Thursday, March 13, 2003 6:50 PM
Subject : MH AMS Thank You


Dear Keesjan,

Yesterday we had the almost impossible task to stop 3 large Western Digital shipments for Shannon (232-75362173, 232-75431090 and 232-75430983), and charter them from Amsterdam for the immediate delivery to Shannon, as these goods were urgently needed for DELL computers in Ireland. As your freighter 6122 was only landing at 17:30 and we had to collect all the cargo by latest 19:00, this was a very difficult task to achieve.

With the great help from your staff and Roland in particular, we have managed to receive this cargo on time and charter it last night, one shipment by air and two by the dedicated vehicle to Ireland.

So I would like to thank you for the exceptional service provided to us yesterday, and this can only increase the confidence and the trust we have developed in MH AMS that the assistance and the good customer service will be provided to us when it is most needed.


With Best Regards,
Alex Zugich
Team Leader Operations European Distribution Centre (Western Digital & Millennium)
Geologistics B.V. Koolhovenlaan 100 1119 NH Schiphol-Rijk The Netherlands
Tel : (31) 020-655 2179
Fax: (31) 020-655 2167
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