Friday, January 28, 2005
Hello Encik Ahmad Fahmi - MAS Cargo/Penang c.c. Encik Luqman - MAS Cargo Operation Manager c.c. Dato JJ Ong - MAS Senior General Manager c.c. Encik Mohd Yunus Idris - MAS General Manager Cargo Operations c.c. Mr. Anthony See - MAS Regional Manager Malaysia c.c. Mr. Bruce Loh - MAS Regional Manager Northern Region c.c. Mr. Chong - MAS Cargo Sales Consultant c.c. Dr. Mohamed Ali Abdul Khader - Penang General Hospital c.c. Mr. PC Lim - GE/KUL c.c. Mr. Wong SC - YAS/SIN c.c. Miss Siok Wei - YAS/SIN c.c. Mr. Martin Ng - YAS/SIN c.c. Mr. Richard Chua - YAS/SIN c.c. Mr. Badrul/Mr. Shuhaimi - YAS/PEN c.c. Miss Oo/Miss Teong - YAS/PEN c.c. Miss SG Ong - YAS/PEN c.c. Mr. KP Cha - YAS/PEN c.c. Mr. H. Shimizu San - YAS/PEN c.c. Miss Violet Loh - YAS/KUL c.c. Mr. S. Suga San/Mr. Cheng c.c. Hajar Maidin - Head of Customs Department/Bayan Lepas

Good afternoon to you!

On behalf of our Company and also Penang General Hospital, I would like to convey my sincere thanks to you and all for your kind help. Without which, we think it's impossible to achieve door-to-door delivery time frame of within 6HRS (Singapore General Hospital to Penang General Hospital).

As I have explained earlier, this kind of product has a short life span of only 6HRS and it is meant for life-saving purpose at Penang General Hospital. Initially, it is to my disbelief that MAS/Penang can arrange to release freight to us immediately after aircraft arrival. However, after gone through couple of shipments successfully, I am surely convinced of your team's efficiency.

Dato JJ Ong and Senior Management Staff of MAS/KUL & PEN, in reading, I would like to endorse in writing to you and say 'YOU HAVE THE BEST TEAM' who can really support us when need arises.

'Malaysia boleh, MAS boleh' Tuan Hajar Maidin, in reading, special thanks to your good self and your team for giving us your best cooperation too.

Best Regards,
TC Ong