Attn: En. Abdul Mujib Hj Mohd Ali

Dear Sir,

I wish to express my thanks to your security team led by En. Razman bin Yaacob, for the commitment shown in regards to organizing the handling of our high value cargo shipments. There has been a marked improvement in the careful handling and monitoring of all our outbound shipments comprising Flextronics mobile phones, right from the acceptance till the delivery to the site for uplift.

This sort of customer service reflects the commitments and dedication of Malaysia Airlines as promise during our discusssion. The progress shown in the present security handling of all our shipments will be of mutual benefit to Malaysia Airlines and Flextronics, as we continue to use your services.

I hope that your team will continue to grant us this priority handling and live up to your reputation as a world-class carrier. Once again, kindly extend my utmost appreciation to En. Razman bin Yaacob and his team. Thank you.

Yours sincerely for FLEXTRONICS TECHNOLOGY (SHAH ALAM) SDN BHD Vijayan Chinnasami Vice President