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Exporting live animals out of Malaysia.


  1. Make your booking with MASkargo Reservation Department by calling 03-87771655/54
  2. Prepare all the necessary documents
  3. Bring your pets to the Animal Hotel at least 4 hours prior to flight departure time.

Documents needed

  1. Health certificate
    An original certificate, issued by a private or government Veterinarian, stating that 'the pet is healthy and free from any contagious or infectious disease at the time of inspection' is required for all pet/s entering/leaving Malaysia.

    Please note that certification is only valid for 7 days.

  2. Export permit
    Obtainable from Jabatan Perkhidmatan Haiwan, Malaysia.
  3. Import permit
    Obtainable from country of destination. Shippers must produce fax copy of the Import Permit.
  4. Rabies Vaccination Certification (If required)
  5. Microchip Number
    Some countries require microchip to be implanted on live animals before importation is possible eg. Hong Kong


  1. Terminal charges (RM0.25/KG) on chargeable weight.
  2. Animal Hotel Charges based on type and category of animals (as attached)
  3. Accommodation charges RM150 per day (more than 8 hours stay in Animal Hotel)
    If using Animal Hotel airway bill, to include following charges
  4. Freight charge based on volume or actual weight, whichever higher
  5. AWB charges RM5.00
  6. Fuel surcharge
  7. Security surcharge

Packing/cage requirements

  1. Cage must be suitable for the animal. For example, animals must have enough space to turn about, stand, and sit erect, and lie down in a natural position.
  2. Water container must be present within the container with outside access for refilling.
  3. Food containers must be present either within the container, if sealed or attached to it, in case of any flight delay.

Cut off time

Four (4) hours prior to flight departure.

* Please refer to our Officers for any changes in quarantine requirements by the importing countries.

Rates and tariffs for import and export of animals
Type Example Rates
Equines Horses, mules MYR300 per animal
Domestic animals Cattle, sheep, goats, pigs MYR300 per pallet
MYR100 per crate
Feathered animals Day old chicks, day old ducklings, day old goosling, live birds <100kg MYR50
101-500kg MYR100
>501kg MYR200
Crustacean / molluse / seafood Live crabs, seafood mix with consignment of live crabs <100kg MYR30
101-500kg MYR70
>501kg MYR180
Domestic pets Cats, dogs, hamsters, rodents, parrots, squirrels MYR30 per kennel
Reptiles / insects Snakes, turtles, lizards, bees, worms <100kg MYR50
101-500kg MYR100
>501kg MYR200
Zoological animals Tigers, giraffes, lions, monkeys <300kg MYR50
300-100kg MYR100
>1001kg MYR300
Accomodation charges (applicable for import and export from ATA and cargo acceptance time) First 8 hrs of ATA or STD - Free
After 8 hrs of ATA or STD - RM150 per day/shipment
Cleaning of horse stall RM400 per stall
Cleaning and disposal of crate for Domestic animals Per pallet RM300
Per crate RM50

Embargo Snub Nosed Dog

  1. Maskargo will not accept certain breeds of dogs including snub nosed, as these animals, variable, are susceptible to increased risk of heat stroke breathing difficulties or increased travel stress. MASkargo has identified the following such breeds:
    Affenpinscher Dogue de Bordeaux
    Bulldog (All Breeds) English Toy Spaniel
    Boston Terrier Japanese Chin
    Boxer (All Breeds) Lhasa Apso
    Brussels Griffon Pekingnese
    Mastiff (All Breeds) Pit Bull
    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Presa Canario
    Chihuahua Pug (All Breeds)
    Cane Corso Shih Tzu
    Chow Chow  
  2. Breed banned from importation into Malaysia by Quarantine & Inspection Services (MAQIS):
    Akita Japanese Tosa
    American Bulldog Neapolitan Mastiff
    Dogo Argentino Pit Bull Terrier / Pit Bull (also known as American Pit Bull, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshine Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier)
    Fila Braziliero