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Type of pet: Cat Dog

Terms & Conditions

  1. Owner represents and warrants:
    • That owner is the owner of the animal and that no other person is or will be entitled to it whilst it is in the care of Animal Hotel;
    • That the animal is in fit and sound condition and has not been exposed to rabies or distemper and is free from such vices and all other vices;
    • That owner will be solely responsible for any and all acts or behaviour of the animal whilst it is in the care of Animal Hotel;
    • That Animal Hotel may provide its usual standard of care and feeding to the animal; and
    • That the information, representations and warranties given by the owner as set out in this contract are true.
  2. Animal Hotel has the discretion to call in a vet in the event of injury or illness of the animal or to have it removed to a veterinary clinic for treatment.
  3. Every possible care and attention will be given to the pet/s, but it is understood that all pets are left at the owners risk. Animal Hotel shall not under any circumstance whatsoever caused, be liable in the event that the pet/s depreciate in value, sustains injury, dies, is ill, is lost or escapes.
  4. Owner will pay all charges, costs and expenses due or incurred by Animal Hotel in respect of the animal promptly as and when the same becomes due without any deduction or set-off whatsoever. Animal Hotel shall have a lien on the animal for all unpaid monies and if owner fails to make payment within ten (10) days of written notice being given by Animal Hotel to owner by certificate of posting of such monies, Animal Hotel may in its discretion dispose of the animal at private or public sale and reimburse itself from the proceeds thereof. If the sale proceeds are insufficient to pay in full the monies due to Animal Hotel, owner shall be liable for the difference. Sale proceeds in excess of the monies due to the Animal Hotel shall be paid by Animal Hotel to owner.
  5. If owner fails to collect the animal upon the expiry of the agreed period of boarding, Animal Hotel shall be entitled to charge for boarding until time of collection. Extra charges shall be paid via e-booking or during collection of pets at Animal Hotel.
  6. If owner fails to collect animal after a period of fourteen (14) days after expiry of the agreed boarding period, Animal Hotel shall give written notice of such failure to collect. Animal Hotel may in its discretion dispose of the animal at private or public sale upon expiry of notice period provided for under the notice.
  7. This contract contains the entire agreement between the parties.
  8. Day of arrival and day of departure are charged for.
  9. Cancellations require a minimum notice of 72 hours for 50% refund of payment. Cancellations made less then 72 hours shall not be entitled to any refund.
  10. Any additional services during boarding period shall be requested by owner via e-mail or fax, and additional charges shall be settled upon collection of pet at Animal Hotel.
  11. Boarding charges are to be made in advance and in full.
  12. Animal Hotel reserves the right to not accept the following breed of dog for boarding:
    • Japanese Tossa;
    • Brazilian Mastiff;
    • Neopolitan Mastiff;
    • Pitt Bull Terrier;
    • Akita;
    • American Bull Dog;
    • Dogo Argentino;
    • Doberman;
    • German Shepherd; and
    • Rottweiler.