Freight forwarders in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Europe and China are booking cargo space electronically with MASkargo. This facility has made it possible for MASkargo to set high performance standards in delivering our services to the customers. On an average, more than 70% of booking requests received electronically have been responded back to the freight forwarders within a service level of 20 minutes. This would not be possible using the traditional methods of telephone and fax communication to handle cargo reservation activities.

MASkargo plans to roll out progressively the e-booking facility to all freight forwarders as and when the training of the staff is completed at station level.


The ease of obtaining status information electronically on shipments uplifted by MASkargo is well-supported by our MASGO system providing on-line tracking facility to our customers using either the cargo community networks or the MASkargo Web Site.

As shipment information is updated in the MASGO system, our customers will be able to track the status as follows: -

Shipment has been booked
Shipment received from Shipper
Shipment received from another Carrier
Shipment prepared for Loading
Shipment has been manifested
Shipment transferred to another Carrier
Shipment has departed
Consignee/Agent informed of Shipment Arrival
Shipment arrived on a Flight
Document delivered to Consignee/Agent
Shipment delivered to Consignee/Agent
Shipment Discrepancies.

All you need is a MAS Air Waybill number to keep track of your shipment from the time of booking at origin until delivery at destination.


This electronic facility enables our customers to check on up-to-date schedules of all flights operated by MH or selective Freighter or Truck flight schedules for planning their cargo booking requirements.

e-Air Waybill Stock Distribution

In conjunction with the implementation of Neutral Air Waybills by MASkargo, Freight Forwarders are now receiving their stock of Neutral Air Waybill numbers electronically via the Internet. This facility has removed the hassle of the Freight Forwarders having to collect their air waybill stock from the offices of MASkargo thus saving time and costs. When stock runs low, the request for stock replenishment is processed immediately and the neutral air waybill numbers are then issued electronically within minutes via the Internet to the freight forwarders concerned.

Since September 2002, MASkargo has fully implemented the above programme successfully to all its appointed Cargo Agents based in KUL, PEN and JHB. The plan is to gradually roll out this requirement to all of its domestic and international cargo stations world-wide.

e-Air Waybill Submission

In moving towards a paperless environment, MASkargo has implemented the requirement for freight forwarders to submit e-Air Waybills i.e. FWB messages prior to the acceptance of cargo which are then processed and validated by the MASGO system that checks on errors for correction. The major advantage is to facilitate the fast completion of the documentation process and enhance the accuracy of air waybill data through various stages of system audit checks.

MASkargo is actively pursuing the ratification of Montreal Protocol 4 by the Malaysian Government and the strategy to adopt the usage of e-Air Waybill is to take advantage of the provision of MP4 with the aim of enabling paperless transportation of cargo that would benefit the air cargo industry.