KUALA LUMPUR, 05 APRIL 2012 – Two physically-challenged individuals were given the “gift of mobility” as they received two Auto Light Weight wheelchairs donated by MASkargo.

The donation made to individuals from the Malaysian Association Help for the Poor Terminally Ill (PMPPMM) is part of MASkargo’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme (CSR) and is aimed to help make life easier for people with disabilities.

“Hopefully this will enrich the therapeutic work of the staff and the lives of the disabled patients and their families, hence opening up new vistas for the disabled patients,” said Anita Kushairy, Manager Corporate Communications of MASkargo.

She added, “Our contribution today is part of our ongoing efforts to work with the community, in support of the development of its culture, education and social-economic standing. We are glad that we are able to aid PMPPMM in their quest to better serve its members and the community.”

“We are grateful to MASkargo for their compassionate support and generous contribution as it certainly enabled our disabled patients to reach their fullest potential and live a much improved quality of life,” said Dato’ Seri Drs. Faisalliah Abdul.

MASkargo’s donation towards PMPPMM’s cause is an example of how a successful corporate giant can contribute towards the community. Moreover, MASkargo upholds the principle of reciprocating what it received from society.

The association which is supported by Prime Minister, YAB Dato' Seri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, is a non-profit organisation that provides financial and medical aids to support poor patients, single mothers and the hardcore poor.