SEPANG (Malaysia), 2 February 2011 – Camels are now part of the exclusive MASkargo live animal shipment club that include sharks, goats, cows and buffaloes, with the first ever cargo charter flight of camels from Adelaide, Australia on the 1st of February 2011.

The special charter of 15 pallets which terminated in Adelaide onboard MH6174 contained about 26 heads of camels weighing approximately 45 tons.

The shipment was transported using a B747-400F aircraft which departed Adelaide at 9.45pm local time and arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 3.05am on Wednesday.

The shipment was promptly transported to MASkargo’s famed 6-star Animal Hotel for processing and clearance.

Although this is the first time that MASkargo is handling such a shipment, earlier experiences and knowledge gained from handling many live animal cargo shipments helped the MASkargo team, from the charter department to the operations and the Animal Hotel team, to handle the shipment without many hiccups.

According to, Mdm Masita Mohamad Dahalan, Acting Manager of MASkargo’s Frieghter Operations, who flew together with the cargo, the charter flight is a testament of MASkargo’s commitment to provide quality service to customers and the expertise of the company’s employee in handling such situations.

“This flight is a demonstration of the proficiency our workforce has gained over the years through the handling of many shipments of live animals. It just goes to show that our employees strive hard to meet the demand of our customers,” Masita continued.

The first shipment of camels on MASkargo is another feather in the company’s cap, and the experience will help the company stand in good stead as it builds on its charter operations carrying almost anything to anywhere the customer wants anytime.