KUALA LUMPUR, 15 MARCH 2013 – MASkargo is pulling attractions at the MATTA Fair, Hall 2 on 15-17 March by showcasing its unique product – a discounted pets stay-in program service through Asia’s only certified 6-Star Animal Hotel with its resort-style facilities and pet-friendly services.

As a fully integrated resort for animals, the hotel pets stay-in program allows guests to have a peace of mind when leaving their ‘cuddly friends’. Conveniently it is situated at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), with pick-up services available to and from the Main Terminal Building and Low Cost Carrier Terminal.

“We will strive to surpass our customers’ needs in as many ways as possible. We believe that by participating in exhibitions such as the MATTA fair, MASkargo’s Animal Hotel will eventually be at the top of the mind of every animal lover in this country when it comes to first class pampering for their pets,” said Mohd Yunus Idris, Chief Executive Officer of MASkargo.

Besides being pampered, the pets are also served with premium food to ensure a well balanced diet with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. From the moment guests check-in their pets, up until check-out, the pets can look forward to a whole new level of pet-indulgences, amongst others, whirlpool bubble bath, de-fleing, de-ticking, hydrotherapy treatment, Jacuzzi and aromatic baths.

In addition, the kennels and catteries are all spacious with each "guest" having its own room to sleep, eat and relax. For the playful ones, there is also a dedicated play area for them to run around during the day. Most importantly, the Animal Hotel is equipped with a 24-hour veterinarian service should your pet require instant medical attention.

The official mascot for Animal Hotel - ‘Tompok’ made a special appearance to warm up the exhibition hall during the MATTA Fair. ‘Tompok’ is from a species known as the Clouded Leopard (Neofelis Nebulosa) or locally referred to as ‘Harimau Dahan’ and is an elusive animal which can be found throughout the jungles of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Indo-China and Myanmmar.

During the event, Ms. Anita Kushairy, the Manager of Corporate Communications said: “Using the Clouded Leopard as our mascot helps in the propagation of the importance of the preservation of its natural habitat.”

Anita elaborates, “The children practically rushed towards Tompok as it came out to meet and greet the kids. I think the children were definitely happy to see Tompok in the midst of all the attractive travel deals.”

Since 1998, the Animal Hotel has helped various animals from around the world to cope with the stress of travelling. Its 24-hours sanctuary of luxury provides a host of unique services and facilities for the total comfort of its guests.