Entrust your time-critical shipments with us. We assure you that your cargo will spend less time in transit.

With cargo transhipment services, your cargo will be redirected to your connecting flight. This means less hassle, shorter connectivity and improved turnaround time for your valuable cargo. With your cargo arriving faster at destinations, thereby allowing you to focus on the core aspects of your business and achieve its goals.

Benefits For You

  • Supports freighters, charters and scheduled flights, in addition to passenger belly space
  • Maintain the rest

Performance Benchmarks

Flight to Flight Transfer: 90 mins to 6 hours

Short Connection Kargo ("SCK"): 90 mins to 6 hours

Quick Transfer Cargo ("QTC"): 6-10 hours

Inter Terminal Transfer    8 hours from STD


Name : Abu Bakar Kassim
Tel No : +603 87771886
Fax No : +603 8783 3028
Tel No : abubakar.kassim [at] malaysiaairlines.com