When you need your cargo handled immediately with as little hassle as possible, our Express Handling team can cater you with that premium service.

In just 90 minutes, your cargo can be processed for uploading onto connecting airlines of your choice. EHU is designed for time-critical shipments and our experienced team can individually cater to your logistic solutions - giving you safe, reliable and fastest possible transportation.

Benefits For You

  • One stop handling centre with dedicated team to serve you
  • Faster handling – 90 minutes standard cut-off time
  • Smaller shipments up to 50KG can be handled in 60 minutes, including acceptance handling within 60 minutes prior to departure and 60 minutes after arrival
  • Priority uplift for your cargo
  • Shipment tracking
  • Competitive rates

Performance Benchmarks

  • Bulk load – within 90 mins from flight arrival
  • Intact unitised – within 90 mins from flight arrival
  • Mix loaded ULD – within 150mins from actual flight arrival time for Inbound shipment
  • Export Acceptance handling – 90 minutes prior to flight departure time and Import delivery within 90 minutes from actual flight arrival time for small shipments (for bulk compartment loading only)


Name : Siti Zainon Mohamad Yusop
Tel No : +603 8777 1937
Fax No : +603 8777 1780
Email : sitizainon.mohamadyusop@malaysiaairlines.com