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Our Featured Products and Services


Airfreight Services

Airfreight Service – Airfreight services that deliver to almost 100 destinations worldwide. MAB Kargo delivers through own freighter aircrafts and through belly space capacity on its holding company’s passenger flights. MAB Kargo operates its own freighter fleet, three Airbus 330-200F.


Ground Handling Services

Ground Handling Services – Ground handling services that cover from pre-flight for export to post flight for import. Services include handling and administration of ULDs, physical cargo handling, build-up and break-down of cargo and document handling.


Charter Services

Charter Services – Special services catered to your exact requirement by customizing a chartered flight based on your specific location, flight route and cargo type.


Priority Business Customer (PBC)

Priority Business Customer (PBC) – A program that is offered to our top customers. It comprises few personalized services which are a 24-hour business centre, cargo tracking and monitoring service, special cut-off time and dedicated lane for cargo submission.


MASkargo Send

MASKargo Send – Door-to-door delivery services with competitive pricing and package! Book your delivery on the SpeedboxApp now and we pick up and deliver for you.



MASLift - When time is of the essence, customers of MAB Kargo can opt for MASlift, a premium air freight service that offers guaranteed uplift with a money-back guarantee.


Animal Hotel

Animal Hotel – A facility that accepts all kinds of animals such as horses, fishes, birds and reptiles. Your animals will be taken care by our team of experienced and well-trained handlers, providing constant supervision, from acceptance to delivery or during transit.


MH° Centigrade

MH° Centigrade - MH° Centigrade is tailored to the needs of the life science and health care industries for reliable airport-to-airport transport.

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