We would like to inform you that effective 14th February 2010, we will be increasing the penalties in respect of IATA and ICAO Dangerous Goods Regulation violations involving Malaysia Airlines and MASwings shipments as per table below:


Current Penalty

New Penalty effective 14th February 2010

1st offence

Embargo 1 week Penalty
RM 5,000.00

Embargo 2 week Penalty
RM 10,000.00

2nd offence

Embargo 1 month Penalty
RM 10,000.00

Embargo 2 months Penalty
RM 20,000.00

1st offence

Embargo 3 months Penalty
RM 50,000.00

Embargo 6 months Penalty
RM 100,000.00

4th offence

Immediate termination and withdrawal as appointed agent

Immediate termination and withdrawal as appointed agent

The new penalties will involve the doubling of financial penalties that is currently applicable and this also includes the doubling of the embargo period.

These penalties are above and on top of the existing Malaysian Civil Aviation regulations penalties and fines which Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia as the custodian may impose.

Please be reminded as well that the condition to have a minimum of 2 trained staff on IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations is still in force.

We wish to stress that it is the responsibility of the appointed agents to ensure their co-loaders are also competent in Dangerous Goods training.

As such, the packing list should be scrutinized in detail for possible misdeclaration and hidden Dangerous Goods and to be made available during acceptance stage by Malaysia Airlines / MASwings.

We would like to record our appreciation for your strong support and agreement in respect of the above in the interest of safety and security and appreciate if you can disseminate to your members, the shippers and the industry as a whole.

Corporate Communications Dept.
1M Zone C, Core 2, Advanced Cargo Centre
Free Commercial Zone, KLIA
64000 Sepang
Selangor, Malaysia