Flexibility. Scalability. Efficiency. Three things on your mind when you evaluate your cargo handling needs. Introducing MAB Kargo's Advanced Cargo Centre (ACC) at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, taking cargo handling into a new dimension of security, speed and efficiency.

One-Stop Centre 24/7

Operating 24-hours daily, everything you need is available under one roof. A centrally located document office controlling both inbound and outbound cargo as well as transhipment cargo ensures smooth documentation process and efficient handling of your cargo.

For added convenience, the Royal Malaysian Customs is also located within the vicinity of the ACC. This facilitates an effective process for cargo clearance, which also operates 24-hours daily. The ACC has also been designed as a global transhipment hub, located within a free commercial zone area, with sufficient space to support value-added and distribution activities.

Huge Capacity

At its 108-acre complex designed with a state-of-the-art cargo handling facilities, MAB Kargo serve varied customer’s cargo. This ensures that your cargo will receive a reliable service and the speed you want. With 92,900 sq m of processing area, up to one million tonnes of cargo can be processed per year (expandable to three million tonnes of cargo per year).

Expandable Space

Over 27,000 sq metres of space with 6,500 units of storage bins has been allocated for storage facilities. Another 74,320 sq m has been set aside for freight forwarders with unlimited possibilities for expansion.

Material Handling Cargo System (MHCS)

As the main hub of MAB Kargo , our Advanced Cargo Center (ACC) is equipped with the state of the art facility to deliver efficient, secure and safe handling of your cargo.

Among the key features are:

  • fully automated ULD storage system with 5 ETVs and 4 ULD hoists capable of storing over 2000 ULDs at any one time.
  • fully automated bulk cargo storage system with 12 stacker cranes and over 6500 storage positions.
  • over 100 automated build and break workstations 
  • dedicated intact ULD handling facility 
  • advanced security system with close to 200 CCTV cameras under 24 hours surveillance and automated access control gates.
  • latest x- ray scanning machines for various cargo sizes from small parcels to skids and full size ULDs 
  • over 100 truck docks with computerized truck dock management system to handle acceptance and release of cargo 
  • weight scales up to 30,000 kgs and gantry cranes of up to 20 tonnes lifting capacity for handling special heavy and oversized shipment


Name : Mohd Zulkefly Ujang
Tel No : +603 8777 1805
Fax No : +603 8783 3028
Email :  mohdzulkefly.ujang@malaysiaairlines.com