Since 01 August 2004, MAB Kargo has commenced the electronic submission of AWB data to the Automated Manifest System of U.S. Customs for its flights into Los Angeles and New York. A worldwide training of MAB Kargo staff at stations on this requirement has been completed. MAB Kargo is ready to meet the compliance dates of the U.S. Customs when the AMS ruling comes into force on 13 August 2004 for the Eastern U.S. ports.

MAB Kargo AMS Air Waybill Submission Procedures

Transmission of Master AWB

 Master Air Waybill Number
The Air Waybill number shall consist of the issuing carrier's three-digit IATA airline code number and a serial number of eight digits.

 Commodity on Master Air Waybill

  • If one or more House Air Waybill is included in Master Air Waybill, the commodity of Master Air Waybill must be stated as 'CONSOL' or 'CONSOLIDATION'.
  • The Commodity of Master Air Waybill must be stated as 'CONSOL' or CONSOLIDATION' even if a Master Air Waybill includes a single House Air Waybill.
  • Precise cargo description must be stated on House Air Waybill.

 Piece (Quantity) on Master Air Waybill
Master Air Waybill must include total inner piece (the smallest external packaging unit) as well as Skid unit and ULD unit.

 Shipper / Consignee on Master Air Waybill

  • In general, Master Air Waybill requires the name & address of Forwarder (Consolidator & Deconsolidator) only. In the case of Master Air Waybill Single, the exact name & address of actual shipper and consignee must be stated.
  • In the case of House Air Waybill, the exact name & address of actual shipper and consignee must be stated.

 AMS Deconsolidator

  • FIRMS Code is required when Forwarder directly transmit House Air Waybill to CBP. In such case, Forwarders should submit "Customs Pouch" to the Carrier in preparation of Partial Shipment.
  • FIRMS : Facilities Information and Resources Management System.
  • "Customs Pouch" includes the following documents:
    • * Consolidation List or HAWB copy
    • * Consolidation List per Pallet (Cargo Location required in BUC or Skid)

 Local Transfer Shipment from the Carrier to Forwarder
FIRMS Code is required as in the case of AMS Deconsolidator.

 Foreign Cargo Remaining On Board (FROB)
Air AMS applies to the cargo via US whose final destination is outside of US. Consequently, transmission of House Air Waybill Data is required.

Transmission of House AWB List

 House Air Waybill Number

  • Up to 12 Alphanumeric
  • House Air Waybill Number included in Master Air Waybill must be identical to transmitted number.

 Commodity on House Air Waybill (or CONSOL Manifest)
Precise cargo description must be stated.

 Piece on House Air Waybill (or CONSOL Manifest)

  • Inner Piece (the smallest external packaging unit) must be stated.
  • Total inner piece of House Air Waybill on Consol List must be identical to the inner piece of Master Air Waybill.

 Shipper / Consignee on House Air Waybill (Consol Manifest)
The name & address of Forwarder should not be stated, and the actual Shipper/Consignee, Vendor and Manufacture Company should be stated.

 Transmission of House Air Waybill by AMS Deconsolidator
EDI Transmission should be performed by Forwarder. However, "CUSTOMS" Pouch should be submitted to Carriers in case of partial shipment (FIRMS Code must be stated).

Submission of the AWB Data to the Carrier

  • The carrier can refuse to accept Master Air Waybill without House Air Waybill.
  • Forwarders could transmit Master and/or House Air Waybill Data to the Carrier as follows:
    • Using intermediate local Cargo Community System such as Ezycargo and any other endorsed CCS facilities.
    • Using Forwarder's Inhouse System and send FWB and/or FHL to the Carrier is permitted.
      - Direct Transmission of FWB and/or FHL to Carriers is permitted, but the Forwarder will be responsible for validation of transmitted data.
    • Submitting hard copy of Master and/or House Air Waybill to Carrier is permitted.
      - (Applicable in some MAB Kargo Stations outside of Malaysia)
      - MAB Kargo will input Master and/or House Air Waybill based on Consol Manifest and the Forwarder should allow the Carrier to open the document pouch if required.
      - Note: House Air Waybill Number and Consolidation List (House Air Waybill Manifest) must be identical. Input of "P1", "P2" at the end of HAWB number to indicate Partial is not allowed.
    • Using a local third party EDI Service Centre that has been endorsed by MAB Kargo
    • An AMS Deconsolidator that has acquired a FIRMS code and authorised to send House Data directly to the CBP system.

Split Cargo (partial)

  • House Air Waybill must reflect the status of partial transmission of Master Air Waybill.
    The Term 'Partial' should be stated in Consolidation List (House Air Waybill MFST).

  • For AMS Deconsolidator, Carriers are assigned to transmit House Air Waybill Data in case of partial shipment.
    Consequently, Forwarders must submit "CUSTOMS" Pouch to Carriers.

  • It is strongly recommended to make separate Master Air Waybill on large shipments to minimize error.

Forwarder's Pre-Notice Obligation to Carrier

  • Based on US DHS Regulation §122.48[c][3], the Carrier could refuse to accept Cargo and Air Waybill provided that insufficient information was delivered to the Carrier.

  • Based on US DHS Regulation §122.48[c][3], the Carrier could seek re-compensation to Forwarders for sending false data.

Ready for Carriage

MAB Kargo requires the manadatory submission of electronic Master and House AWBs where applicable by cargo agents in compliance to the procedural requirements of AMS. These electronic AWB information must be submitted to MAB Kargo prior to the lodging in of the cargo by the Cargo Agents at the station of origin. A copy of the Consol Manifest is to be submitted by the Cargo Agent which will be used in the event when AWB data entry is required to be done manually by MAB Kargo.

In Malaysia, MAB Kargo shall with effect from 16 August 2004 commence the imposition of the following charges in reference to IATA Memorandum CBPP/13/MEET/001/2004 dated 07 July 2004:

Charge Code Charge Description Charges
CG Electronic Processing or Transmission of Data for Customs Purposes RM 3.00 per electronic HAWB message (FHL) transmitted successfully by Cargo Agents to MAB Kargo.
Note: This fee is waived for AMS Deconsolidator sending House data directly to CBP.
CC Manual Entry for Customs Purposes RM 50.00 per MAWB and RM 30.00 per HAWB which are not submitted electronically by Cargo Agents to MAB Kargo
CI Overtime and Other Customs Imposed Charges As and when applicable
Note (1) The above charges shall be collected upfront under "Other Charges Code" through the Cash Receipting Function at the MH Documentation Office.
Note (2) The waiver of the "CC" charges shall only be granted in the event of electronic failure of the EDI system or network of which a Complaint Log Number furnished by the Local CCS office must be submitted as proof of system failure.

As per IATA Resolution 600a pertaining to the completion of Air Waybills for submission to the Carriers by the Cargo Agents, the following important extracts are to be observed closely:

  • The Shipper is responsible for the correctness of the data relating to the cargo inserted by the shipper's behalf on the air waybill or furnished by the shipper or on the shipper's behalf to the carrier for insertion in the shipment record.
  • Where such information is provided by means of Electronic Data Interchange, it is the responsibility of the shipper or the shipper's agent to verify contents, accuracy and completeness of the EDI messages and subsequent messages according to the agreed standards and specifications.
  • The shipper or the shipper's agent shall indemnify the carrier against all damage suffered by it, or by any other person to whom the carrier is liable, by reason of the irregularity, incorrectness or incompleteness of the particulars and statements furnished by the shipper or on the shipper's behalf.

In other countries, MAB Kargo shall as a general guideline follow the industry based EDI fee structure for Customs declarations, where applicable.

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