As the national carrier, we are supporting the nation’s aspiration of becoming a global halal hub by 2020 with the MASkargo Halal Logistics product offering.


MASkargo Halal Logistics is tailored to the needs of the halal industry for reliable air cargo handling and other warehouse-related activities for import, export and transshipment. The target is to meet the logistical needs by maintaining the halal integrity of the shipment throughout the supply chain. MASkargo also aims at creating a competitive advantage for the country as the main halal corridor that would enhance trade network linking halal businesses.

MASkargo offers hygienic movement, storage and handling of both food and non-food material in full compliance with JAKIM’s Halal Standard for Logistics. The certification received is applicable for warehousing and related activities (MS2400-2:2019). Apart from meeting the strict requirements, we also initiated additional facilities to cater to the need of maintaining segregation and separation between halal and non-halal shipments. This is a testament of our commitment in assuring the halal integrity of the shipments.


The integrity of your halal product shall be secured as MASkargo ensures:

  • Best Logistics Practices
  • Traceability Presence
  • Unbroken Cold Chain
  • Short Supply Chain Lead Time
  • Good Hygienic and Sanitation Practices



MASkargo Halal Logistics oers a comprehensive storage, handling and transportation framework that would give manufacturers, retailers and freight forwarders the peace of mind as the service is comprised of the following:

  • Specialized Halal Logistics Process Flow
  • Designated Halal-Compliance Warehouse Storage (both common area and cold room)
  • Dedicated Halal Team
  • Identified Halal ULD (label and marking)


With the exponential growth of the global halal market, MASkargo Halal Logistics is now ready to cater to various products including halal-certified products and products that require hygienic handling. Type of commodities range from, but are not limited to the following:

  • Meat - poultry and seafood
  • Food and beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics


  1. Pre-arrangement
    • Send a request for halal handling by emailing to [email protected]
    • The request should consist of the following information and documents:
      1. AWB
      2. Shipment commodity (i.e. frozen meat, foodstu)
      3. Shipment halal certificate
      4. Shipment packing list
      5. Shipment temperature range for cold room storage
      6. Other relevant documents (i.e. health certificate for meat, if applicable)
      7. Type of ULD, if required (AKE/Pallet)
  1. Booking
    • Create a booking for halal handling once the request has been approved via email
    • Ensure the following items are indicated:
      1. Special handling code; “HAL” (for booking on MH flight only)
      2. “Halal Shipment” and temperature range under booking remarks
  1. Pre-alert
    • Send a pre-alert within 72 hours prior to flight to MAB Kargo Perishable Centre for necessary preparation. The pre-alert email should be sent to [email protected]
      The pre-alert should consist of the following documents and information:
      1. AWB
      2. Shipment commodity (i.e. frozen meat, foodstu)
      3. Shipment halal certificate
      4. Shipment temperature range for cold room storage
  1. Pre-alert
    • Prior to submission
    • Ensure shipment packaging & labeling adhere to the IATA standard.
    • Prepare all the necessary documents (i.e. AWB, halal certificate, packing list).
  1. Submission
    • Submit and handover the halal shipment to the Perishable Centre, for shipment originating KUL, or to the respective counter at origin station.
    • Proceed with weighing, screening and complete all the documentation process as per standard export submission.


Download Link: Halal Brochure.pdf