Challenges faced

MASkargo successfully handled the transportation of palm trees from Johor, Malaysia to Dubai, using our B747-200 freighter and an Antonov aircraft. The operation took place in the fasting month and it needed special care and attention from the special MASkargo team, which were formed for this purpose. The process of weighing the palm trees and subsequent movement took a longer time since the trees were huge, heavy and required special care to ensure the trees were not harmed before reaching the final destination. The main challenges are to complete all necessary handling process within the specific time and to ensure sufficient space allocation for the cargo besides meeting the customer satisfaction without any defect.

How MASkargo faced the challenges

A special team from MASkargo was set up with the help of over 10 forwarding agents, ensuring full monitoring on the cargo handling process. The shipments were delivered by the agent in several trailers, and booked through reservations. The palm trees were then transferred on to dollies for weighting. The weighting is carried out using mobile weighting machine at the Maintenance section together with the dolly and 20 ft pallets. The trees and 20ft pallets were transferred into aircraft via a special arrangement with Malaysia Airports Bhd (MAB). This arrangement helped in expediting and identifying actual and nearest parking bay for the aircraft. In order to uplift, the longest and bigger tree were brought onboard first, followed by the smaller ones. A special casing made of bamboo were specially created for the entire batch of palms trees, which were also covered with netting to ensure its' safety and security throughout the journey. In the end, the whole operation was a major success and demonstrated MASkargo's resilience in dealing with special and difficult cargo. Find out how your business can benefit from our cargo operations services. Talk to us today!