SUBANG, 30 APRIL 2013 – MASkargo and Institute Kemahiran MARA (IKM) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to pave way for the development of quality graduates which brings the best of two - theory and practical learning.

The MoU between MASkargo, a globally respected air cargo carrier in the aviation industry, and IKM, an institute renowned for its quality graduates in technical practices, will provide a platform for students to grow their knowledge and be exposed to the business operations of MASkargo.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, MASkargo CEO, Mohd Yunus Idris said “The Cargo Internship Program (CIP) was introduced in 2004 to provide students with a real working experience in MASkargo.”

He added “We monitor our interns regularly to ensure the effectiveness of this program. During the course of their internship, we also asses their performance so that our interns are fully equipped with the skills needed to excel in their respective careers.”

“This MoU puts together immense collaborative efforts in planning, discussing and developing an excellent programme for the students.” said Mohd Yunus Idris.

IKM is one of the few institutions in Malaysia that produces graduates with specific technical skills essential for an organization and industry such as MASkargo - where proper maintenance of its aircraft and equipments is part of its daily operations.

With a MoU in partnership with an esteemed academic institution in place, MASkargo aims to establish itself as a favored employer among job seekers.

Students from IKM and other educational institutions are regularly accepted in MASkargo where they will undergo industrial training that provides an invaluable working experience and exposure to the unique processes of an air cargo carrier.

MASkargo accepts an average of 20 students from IKM and approximately 50 students from other higher institutions per annum.